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          PCSUPT GARDIOLA said they are hunting down the suspects believed to be the mastermind of the syndicate.

          The PNP-HPG Director said that since February 10 until yesterday, more than 400 of the motor vehicles have been seized by members of the HPG Special Operations Division-Task Force-Limbas headed by PSUPT PETER DIONISIO.  Based on intelligence information, there are more or less 1,800 motor vehicles listed to be involved in this scheme.

          Over 350 other vehicles were recovered by operatives of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit 4-A led by PSUPT SAMSON BELMONTE as a result of the joint SOD-Task Force Limbas and RHPU-4A operational ordered launched by PCSUPT GARDIOLA in the wake of mounting complaints against the syndicate. The recovered motor vehicles were worth over P200 million.

          PCSUPT GARDIOLA said that their investigation showed that the owners of the vehicles, mostly Sports Utility Vehicle with year models 2016 and 2017, were duped by sweet-talking members of the syndicate into renting their vehicles to them.

          The monthly rental fee will depend on the type of the vehicle and their year model. The suspects, according to PSUPT DIONISIO usually spot a vehicle owner who has a problem on paying his/her monthly amortization.

          Using their convincing power, the syndicate will sweet-talk owner of the SUV into believing that they can enter into a contract with rent-a-car companies or either Uber or Grab in exchange for regular monthly income ranging from P10,000 to P50,000. One the victims heed to the plan, the syndicate will then look for a second victim, who will agree to invest in their company.

          PSUPT DIONISIO said that many of the victims were tricked into giving a minimum of P400,000 to the suspects upon getting the promise that they will earn a minimum of P50,000 in monthly interest.

          “They are using the vehicles they got from their first victim as a collateral although unknown to the second victim, the vehicle he or she will be getting comes from a dubious source” PSUPT DIONISIO said.

          The vehicles recovered by the SOD-Task Force Limbas were mostly Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Fortuners, Toyota Innova and Toyota Vios, all 2016 or 2017 models.

          The SUVs and Sedans recovered by the SOD-Task Force Limbas were brought to the PNP-HPG headquarters in Camp Crame. The rest of the recovered motor vehicles were impounded at the PRO-4A headquarters in Cam Vicente Lim in Laguna.

          Director GARDIOLA assures the public that the HPG will track down the people behind this nefarious activities and further encourages the victims to report the incident at once to the Highway Patrol Group- TF Limbas for proper disposition.  Cases of large scale  estafa were  filed against the suspects with the DOJ.


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