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    Imploring the aid the Almighty by 2030, HPG shall be Highly respectable, Professional and God-centered Guardian of the Highways working in partnership with responsive community to ensure safety and security of all motorists and road users.



    Ensure all highways are safe and secured



    Enforce Anti-Carnapping(RA 6539), Anti-Hijacking and Anti-Highway Robbery and promote Road Safety along the

    Highways and major thoroughfares





    • Spearhead operations against carnapping, highjaking, and highway robbery.

    • Conduct motorized patrol to safeguard road users

    • Conduct investigation and enforce visitorial power (PD 1612) in relation to RA 6539 and PD 532;

    • Maintain Database for Wanted Motor Vehicle (Information System(MVIS))

    • Enforce traffic laws and conduct aggressive road safety education programs and other related projects and activities involving the use of motor vehicle; and

    • Provide escort mission.


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